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Private Tour
Celebrate your own party on a full day of adventure
The excursions include a first stop at a beautiful reef where you will have the option to snorkel if you so choose. This is a beautiful reef, brimming with schools of tropical fish and healthy coral reef.
Your experience. How it works
Transportation will be outside of the hotel lobby to take you to the Bat’s Departure (meeting point). Depending on the hotel, drive will be no more than 50 minutes. Don’t forget to call BeBe Catamaran Office (+1 809 455 3503) to be informed of the exact time of pick-up.
Once at the beach (BeBe’s meeting point), you skip the line (other people waiting for the cruise’s boat day excursion) and meet your crew. Captain will give you a short briefing on what you are going to do. Suggestion: Inform your captain about your preferences - more time snorkeling, more adventure or just go cruising?
Snorkeling area has an exciting multitude of fish to see. You can check our reviews about snorkeling - people enjoyed it very much in the past. Of course, all this depends on weather conditions or whether the fish are shy that day.
There is an open bar with unlimited drinks (sodas, beer, rum, Piña Coladas). If you have kids, tropical fruit juice is perfect for their thirst. As for snacks - nachos and fruit will be served. Ask your captain to go ashore to an unspoiled beach (Playa de los Cocos - Coconuts Beach). Or have a real adventure - sip water from a coconut freshly picked from a palm tree.
Everybody loves to see the natural pool, that’s where we have a "fiesta" - everyone in the water (4 feet height), drinking, dancing, enjoying the Caribbean lifestyle. If you don’t like a party boat or if it's too crowded, you can tell the captain to move into the natural pool. That is why you rented a private boat, right?
Upgrade Service
Additional hours on the boat, sandwiches, lunch on board, liquors and cake are supplied upon prior request.
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